Mountain Hiking

For Uganda and Kenya Mountain hiking safaris you will visit the famous snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains on the border of Uganda and Congo, hike the once Africa's highest vlcanic mountain; the Mount Elgon in the east which shares the border with Kenya, and the Mount Kenya in the Masai land. Our hiking tour packages concentrate on the hiking tours to Uganda and Kenya.

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Top Mountain Trekking Tours

tubing in jinja
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5 days Jinja and gorilla safari

Enjoy wildlife and adventurous activities in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and jinja the adventure city in Uganda as you take on our 5 days jinja and Gorillas safari that combines adventurous activities in jinja and gorilla trekking, with thrilling…

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mountain kilimanjaro adventure safari

    An Ultimate 10 Day Beautiful Adventure Safari to Tanzania

    10 Days

    About Tanzania destination This beautiful adventure safari takes you to Tanzania one of the countries found in the Eastern part of Africa boarding countries like Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Burundi, Rwanda, the democratic republic of congo, Mozambique, and the Indian Ocean.…

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    hiking kilimanjaro mountain

      A Thrilled 8 Day Great Hiking of Kilimanjaro Mountain

      8 Days

      About Kilimanjaro Mountain Kilimanjaro mountain is the only standing and remaining world icon covering the most landscape than any other mountain on the African continent. Mountain Kilimanjaro is located in northern Tanzania close to the state border with Kenya. Mountain…

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