Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park came into existence as a game reserve in 1921 when the British colonial government decided to evict the remaining people from possibly 90% of their lands because of sleeping sickness and a rinderpest epidemic among the inhabitants of the region that had caused death among the pastoralists and emigrates from the region. The epidemic was believed to be caused by the colonial government under the illusion of a livestock vaccination campaign. Their homes were cremated and their livestock slaughtered, causing them to escape across the border and seek refuge within the present Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Queen Elizabeth national park is found within the Western Region of Uganda, spanning the districts of Rubirizi, Kasese, Kamwenge, and Rukungiri approximately 400 kilometers (250 mi) by road southwest of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda. The park includes the Maramagambo Forest and borders the Kigezi Game Reserve, the Kyambura Game Reserve, and therefore the Kibale forest National park in Uganda, and therefore the Virunga parkland within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The park was founded in 1952 and named Kazinga Park by combining the Lake Edward and Lake George Game Reserves. It was then renamed two years later to memorialize a visit by Queen Elizabeth. Confusingly, during the 1970s and 1980s, Western conservationists usually noted the park as Rwenzori National park

Queen Elizabeth National park and also the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in England are twinned in a project of "cultural exchange, mutual support aiming at supporting Conservation through working closely with and empowering local communities

Queen Elizabeth National park is justifiably Uganda’s most well-liked tourist destination. The park’s diverse ecosystems, which include humid forests, sprawling savanna, shady, fertile wetlands, and sparkling lakes make it the simplest habitat for traditional mammal species and species of birds. The park’s magnificent landscapes include panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel with its banks lined with hippos, buffalo, and elephants, dozens of enormous craters carved dramatically into rolling green hills, and also the endless Ishasha plains, with lions hiding in fig that enables them to pounce on herds of unsuspecting preys.

As well as its outstanding wildlife attractions, Queen Elizabeth National park contains a fascinating cultural history. There are many opportunities for visitors to meet the local communities and revel in storytelling, dance, music, and more. The gazetting of the park has ensured the conservation of its ecosystems, which successively benefits the encompassing communities.

The park occupies an estimated area of 1,978 square kilometers (764 sq mi) and also is known for its abundant wildlife because it harbors 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species the realm around Ishasha in Rukungiri District is legendary for its tree-climbing lions, whose males often sport black manes
The wildlife in the park has been increasing within the last five years since 2015 as stated by Uganda Wildlife Authority in 2020.

Queen Elizabeth National park, along with the adjacent Virunga park, was designated as a 'lion conservation unit' by the IUCN in 2006. the realm is additionally considered a possible lion stronghold in Central Africa if poaching is curbed and prey species are allowed to recover. The resident lion population (including hyenas and leopards) are actively monitored by the Uganda Carnivore Program and also the Uganda Wildlife Authority

The park is additionally famous for its volcanic features, including deep craters and volcanic cones and, many with crater lakes, like the Katwe craters, from which salt is extracted. Animal species include including African elephants, African buffalos, Ugandan kobs, hippopotamus, waterbucks, giant forest hogs, warthogs, giant forest hogs, Nile crocodiles, leopards, hyenas, lions among others.


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