Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the spectacular national parks in Kenya. It is one of the magnificent soda rift valley lakes that is always full of flamingo birds. The park is prominent as the Flamingo colonies that reside on the shores of Lake Nakuru. It is one of the first game parks in Kenya and among the three visited National Parks in Kenya. It is a birders haven and over 400 species of birds have turned the Park into a home for birders of which the most prominent ones are Flamingoes that both live on the shore of the Lake and in the open Savanah grassland. Other bird species include the Northern stuff back, Shining Sunbird, African fish eagle among other bird species. Despite its wide concentration of birds, Lake Nakuru also possesses wild animals and thus uninteresting for wild game lovers.

The park protects over 100 endangered rhinos comprise of white and black rhinos, it features over 50 Rothschild’s giraffe and more than 50 animal species such as buffaloes, lions, Impalas among others. Over years, the Park has grown to become of the greatest national parks and most visited parks in Kenya because of the birds and the wild game species which facilities activities such as bird watching safaris, game viewing safaris, camping, and magnificence rock viewpoints in the center of the park among other various species and activities. The Park was first gazetted as a conservation area for the birds that were always seen on the lake in 1957 to conserve birds including flamingoes, later in 1961, the declared conservation area which is now the southern region of Lake Nakuru was declared a bird sanctuary and in 1968, lake Nakuru was gazetted as the National Park and it was stretched to take the northern savannah land of the park and this increased its total areas to 188square kilometers. Lake Nakuru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was recognized as the Important Birding Area since 2009 because of the availability of over 400 species of birds. Before this, Lake Nakuru was declared a RAMSER Site way back in 1990.

What to do in Lake Nakuru National park

While in Lake Nakuru National park in Kenya, there are a lot of activities that you can engage in and these include the safari game drives that provide you with the experiences of exploring various animals such as giraffes, waterbucks, leopards, lions, Buffaloes, and while rhinos among others, birding in Lake Nakuru National Park is classic with over 400 species of birds which can be observed in different parts of the park especially around the Lake Nakuru. Hiking adventure is also possible in the park which takes place around the Lake. These activities are possible within the park because of various attractions that the park protects which include Lake Nakuru as the major attraction, Bird species that can be seen hovering all over the park, wildlife species, and Waterfalls. Rivers such as river Njoro, Enderit river, and Mkalia river among other attractions.

Getting there.

Visitors going to Lake Nakuru can use both air and road transport and by road from Nairobi to Nakuru town then head to the Nakuru Park gate. Naish airstrip is also the best airport to use and it is found just in the southern part of the National Park. The park is surrounded by various accommodation facilities which include the Merica hotel, Mbweha camp, Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge, Mirius guest house among other accommodation facilities. It is also better to visit Lake Nakuru National Park during the dry months of the year. Contact all in Africa safaris for the best safari packages to Lake Nakuru National Park.