When the heat of the dry season starts to make you to long for rains, a long day lazing downstream is definitely your relief option. Tubing on River Nile – Jinja is amazingly one of the exciting experiences awaiting you on the Uganda safari tour. Tired of the bustling city life and need a remarkable escape? Have a refreshing summer experience of a lifetime only on tubing tours in Uganda with All in Africa Safaris.

All in Africa Safaris is the best tubing company based in Uganda. We are the leading tubing tour company with modern equipment suitable for the activity. We have up-to-date equipment suitable for this remarkable adventure water sport. While on tubing vacation with us, safety is guaranteed because it is our key priority. Interested in relaxing experiences, group/family day out? Reach out to All in Africa Safaris your premier planner of excellent tubing safaris and have a trip full of lasting memories.

Our tubing safaris are exceptionally crafted suiting everyone, from any part of the world. Our tubing experiences guarantee incomparably incredible escape from the noisy city life of Kampala or Jinja, go relax your mind from the long day or long week with All in Africa Safaris. This is interestingly the best family-friendly experience awaiting you on Uganda safaris.

In Uganda, this is a unique and newly introduced experience for adrenaline seekers visiting Jinja on Uganda safaris. This 2-3 hours water excursion offers a complete relaxation experience for visitors on the waters of the Nile River in Jinja.  The length of your adventure sport varies depending on the level of the water.

Enjoy the cheerful worry-free activity on the water of your youth and spend hours floating away on the beautiful and longest river in the world with refreshing temperature year-round, no matter how brightly the sun shines this is the perfect way to beat the heat. All in Africa have turned the activity into a more enjoyable, safe, and fun hot spot, and this is the trip to take!!!

The experience is unforgettable,  you and your family can be part of or enjoy as friends, organization, or as a group breathe in fresh air and sunshine, laughter and joy, learning and refreshment. Go laze on the River Nile Jinja on a hot day as you enjoy refreshing water float with your dear one while sipping a drink.  Visitor experience involves sitting on an inflatable tube with safety gear especially a helmet and grade 5 life jacket. On River Nile, there are 2 grades to experience the best tubing water sport: white-water/Rough water and flat-water tubing.

Where to go tubing in Uganda?

Are your kids, adults, fear water activities for an all-day float trip, but love the idea of floating down the river? Do you want a short float with little work, All in Africa safaris is the answer.

Jinja in Eastern Uganda is the best place to visit for tubing experiences. The Source of the Nile in Jinja offers the best tubing in Uganda. Jinja is also known for other thrilling adrenaline adventures – including kayaking, jet boating, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, and more.

Unlike other usual activities, tubing is often carried out on water and snow. In jinja, you have a distinct tubing experience because you will be relaxing on the cool waters of the Nile River – the world’s longest river. At Jinja, it is done on the River Nile not on snow given its location. Besides, there are other unique attractions to explore.

Tubing on the River Nile, allows you to escape everyday life while enjoying the perfect outdoor activities. Come join us, and see why our Africa River floats provide some of the most popular splashings in Uganda.

Guidelines for tubing in Uganda

  • All visitors should check in at 10:00 am on the date of arrival at Jinja.
  • Check-out time is at 10:00 am on the departure date.
  • Supervision of young children should be done by parents/guardians.
  • Don’t jump off the tubes
  • Don’t litter the environment.
  • All children of 12 years and below should be put on the coast guard. The coast guard should be approved by personal floatation devices at All in Africa Safaris.
  • Don’t carry glass bottles/containers during tubing.
  • Nudes aren’t acceptable.
  • Weekend prices may be affected depending on demand and supply.
  • Any damage to the equipment comes with a fine of USD150 per damage.
  • No sexual harassment should be experienced.

Tubing cancellation policy -Uganda

  • Any cancellation to be made should be done within 7 days before the actual date of tubing – this is refundable. Any cancellation done within 6 days of the scheduled date of arrival in part/in whole is non-refundable.

Floating rain check policy -tubing tours

  • Rain checks won’t be provided on the river floating with All in Africa Safaris tubing tours. In case rains begin prior to tubing, participants can be moved back until rains stop and where the conditions favor floating, you can proceed with the activity with no rain checks provided.

What tubers should carry?

  • Swimming costume
  • Clothes
  • Camera etc

What else to do?

Jinja is a destination with countless adventures or experiences. Other than tubing, there is also whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, birding, jet boating, boat cruise, kayaking, horseback riding, quad biking, and more.

Best places to stay -Jinja, Uganda

The main places to consider for a night’s stay in Jinja: Kingfisher Safari Resort Hotel, Jinja Safari Hotel, Nile Front Cottages, Jinja Nile Resort, 2 Friends Guesthouse, Source of the Nile Suites, and others.

Getting to Jinja for tubing tours

Jinja is accessible within 2 hours drive. Drive from Kampala via the Mukono-Jinja route and en route, enjoy refreshing air at the Mabira forest. Traveling to Jinja for your tubing experience is possible in a 4×4 safari vehicle.