Are gorillas really dangerous? Understand gorilla behavior. Gorillas are apes that share about 90% of their DNA with humans. Gorillas share human senses and habits, but they are also extraordinarily strong and powerful animals that may be violent if they perceive or are threatened. The male silverbacks, in particular, are reported to be stronger than 20 men, and their large canine fangs may cause severe damage.

Gorillas are normally considered peaceful creatures, although they can charge under specific conditions. It is usually best to avoid conflict when dealing with these gentle giants; while they share DNA with humans, they are still wild animals that should be treated with caution and respect.

In most situations, males become quite violent when they believe their group members or their group is under threat. Although humans take threats lightly, gorillas take any threat seriously, even if it is only perceived.

That is why habituation of these animals is usually carried out; gorillas are gradually accustomed to humans before tourists are allowed to contact them. If not, the silverback, who is also the group leader, may get surprised and launch an assault. Overall, while dealing with gorillas, it’s important to be cautious and take things slowly.

Can habituated gorillas become dangerous?

Whether lowland or mountain gorillas, gorillas are widely misunderstood natural creatures. Although gorillas are commonly portrayed as ferocious and aggressive apes, the truth is that they are gentle giants. Gorillas are naturally quiet and retiring, but when threatened, they typically turn violent. The fact is that wild gorillas are not as deadly as commonly depicted. Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo are three African nations with high gorilla populations that offer travelers gorilla-habituated experiences.

How can I avoid gorilla attacks?

Although gorillas are regarded as gentle giants, they remain deadly natural creatures. To avoid the gorilla charging at you, avoid making direct eye contact. Direct eye contact is a threat to the head of the family, the silverback mountain gorilla, since it makes them believe you are an adversary of their family. It is also critical to avoid using flash displays when shooting photographs. It’s vital to back off if the gorilla begins thumping its chest.

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