The best time to go for Kenya safari experience

The best time to visit Kenya for a safari depends on your personal interests and what you plan to see during your vacation. Kenya has a rich animals and terrain all year, but various seasons provide distinct benefits. Here is a breakdown to assist you in planning your dream safari.

Peak Safari Season (July to October)

This period is considered the best time for a safari in Kenya. The weather is dry, and wildlife congregates around water sources, making it easier to spot animals. The annual wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara usually occurs during this time, creating incredible wildlife spectacles.

Shoulder Seasons (January to March and June)

These months offer a good compromise between favorable weather and fewer crowds. The wildlife viewing is still excellent, and you might find lower prices on accommodations and tours.

Green Season (November to December and April to May)

These months are Kenya’s wet seasons, with occasional heavy rainfall. While some areas become challenging to access due to muddy roads, it’s an excellent time for birdwatching, and the landscapes are lush and green. Prices for safaris tend to be lower during this period.

Calving Season (January to February)

If you’re particularly interested in seeing wildebeest calves being born during the migration, January to February is the time to go. This is a unique and heartwarming experience.

Special Events

Keep in mind special events like bird migrations or the annual rutting season for certain antelope species when planning your safari. These events can lead to exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities.

Avoid Peak Tourist Seasons

If you prefer fewer crowds and more intimate wildlife encounters, consider avoiding the peak tourist seasons of July to October and December. Opt for the shoulder or green seasons instead.

Consider Your Interests

Consider your interests beyond wildlife. If you’re into birdwatching, the green season might be preferable. If you want to witness specific animal behaviors, research the best time for that behavior, such as predator interactions or birthing seasons.

Weather Tolerance

Keep in mind that weather conditions can vary greatly during different seasons. If you’re not comfortable with heat or occasional rain, you might want to plan your safari accordingly.


Prices for accommodations and safaris can fluctuate throughout the year. If you’re budget-conscious, research the best time for deals and discounts.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the optimum time to visit Kenya for a safari. It is determined by your choices and interests. Whether you visit during peak season, shoulder season, or green season, Kenya has magnificent animals and sceneries all year round, assuring a fantastic safari journey.


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