At All in Africa Safaris, we believe that a trip can only complete when there is a means to get there. This is why visitors access to their dream destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania – East Africa is hassle-free when you plan a trip with us. At All in Africa Safaris and tours, we make it easier for visitors to connect to their destinations whether on short or long safaris.

With our fleet of classic rental cars, traveling in Uganda, Rwanda or East Africa is never a hassle. We have all rental car options meaning every traveler has the means to reach their destination/attractions.

Are you interested in self-drive or driver-guided Uganda safaris or Rwanda safaris? Yes, we have you sorted regardless of your choice of safari. Our reliable and affordable rental cars are in their best mechanical conditions hence visitor safety and comfort are all guaranteed. Choose from our comfortable 4×4 self-drive rental cars in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and have a holiday of a lifetime.

Our top rental cars to get you to your dream destination, are 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Super Custom, Coaster Buses, 4X4 Safari Vehicle, Range Rover Sport, Tourist Van, Land Cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser V8, etc.

Renting a car with a driver

Hiring a car with a professional driver is possible with All in Africa Safaris. We have a team of professional drivers and not only do they come with vast driving experience but also abundant knowledge about the destinations. They have traveled and visited most of these destinations and they know every site worth spending your time with.

The beauty about hiring both a rental car and driver for your African safaris is that you are guaranteed safety and comfort on your road trip. Driving to a new destination in Africa isn’t something easy and requires a person on the ground because they are familiar with the routes. Besides, it makes it easier to communicate while in the remotest place in Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenya/Tanzania on your road trip. Hire a car in Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenya with All in Africa Safaris at a pocket-friendly price and you won’t be left in regrets.