Our 12 days wildlife tour and white water rafting safari will provide you with abundant wildlife species that include both the big 5 animals of Africa and the primates including the amazing cultural sceneries. Primate tracking is every traveler’s desire when coming to Africa and still this safari will lead you close to gorillas and primates that are found in Uganda. Explore other mammals of Africa and bird species while in Uganda for our amazing 12-day thrilling wildlife and rafting in Uganda

Where to go for wildlife and rafting in Uganda


This thrilling wildlife and rafting safari in Uganda will take you to Jinja the tourism city. River Nile has its source in Uganda and it is in Jinja that you will tour the source of river Nile and thereafter go for whitewater raftering. White-water rafting is done on the river Nile which is the longest river in the world and it has got credible grade 5 rapids that make white water rafting a memorable experience. There other activities that you can engage in here including the boat cruise, horseback riding among other activities 

Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls National Park

 The amazing 12-day thrilling wildlife and rafting in Uganda will incorporate game safaris to these greatest savannah national parks in Uganda that are mostly visited. Murchison falls national park is the biggest national park with a variety of species that included leopards, lions, giraffes, spotted hyenas and it consists of the world’s powerful or strongest waterfall called the Murchison Falls, you will hike to the top of the falls on top taking the boat cruise on the river Nile. While taking this wildlife and rafting safari in Uganda, you will visit the Ziwa rhino sanctuary on your way to Murchison falls national park and track rhinos to have the complete experience of the big five mammals of Africa

The safari will further take you to Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda, the park with the tree-climbing lions as the unique attractions in Uganda, with the increased population of elephants, leopards several antelopes. The boat cruise at Kazinga channel which is the largest water channel in East Africa is so amazing to enjoy a lot of bird species.

Bwindi and Kibale Forest National Parks

Uganda protects more than half of the world’s total of endangered mountain gorillas and it is a place where you see a variety of chimpanzees both habituated and semi habituated communities of chimpanzees. Most of the endangered mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park located in southwestern Uganda. Our 12-day thrilling wildlife and rafting in Uganda will lead you to Bwindi and Kibale forest national parks to see the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees respectively. Kibale Forest National Park has over 10 species and that is why it has been described as the world’s primate capital.

Have a chance during this safari to stand nearby brave gorilla and chimpanzees in these parks as you see the greatest apes behaving like human beings. Other than gorillas and chimpanzees, you will be able to see other primates such as baboons, monkeys ad many more others. After gorilla trekking, take the Batwa community tour who are short-statured people who were once inhabitants of the forest.

Finally, The 12-day thrilling wildlife and rafting in Uganda will lead you to the smallest national park in Uganda “lake Mburo National park as you see the giraffes, zebras leopards, and a boat cruise or horse riding within the park before you get back to Kampala. 

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