An aerial view of the swimming pool area at Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Kibale National Park

An aerial view of the swimming pool area at Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Kibale National Park

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge is a luxury hideaway on the edge of the Great African Rift Valley overlooking Kibale Forest National Park. The Lodge is on a hilltop that also overlooks the Blue Congolese Mountains, but on clear days one can spot Lake Albert in the north. Prices | Location | Booking | Menu

A dedicated team ensures every moment of your stay is special, so, every room overlooks the wild reserve. Each guest pod has 180°, floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of the soaring Rwenzori Mountains. You will also be able to see the distant Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, and the Great Rift Valley floor.

Each of the six space-themed pods was designed to take advantage of the breathtaking views and the natural curves of the landscape. As a result, this creates exclusive and highly-personal experiences with a relaxed approach to luxury.

The Moonshot Pod is the most spacious of all, for guests with a family and in need of a reasonably sized bed. These are called French Double Beds. Better still, each pod offers the space to fully unwind and enjoy stunning views from the comfort of your bed, seat, or private rooftop tub.

The pods reimagine luxury in small spaces as could be in a space shuttle with a reasonably sized bed, sitting area, and green roofs. This is otherwise known as ‘Jacuzzi’ experience that gives you the whole sky and spectacular valley and mountain views.

While at Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, you will enjoy delicious meals from locally sourced spices and other ingredients that celebrate and reflect the sense of where we are. Whether vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free, you will be well-catered for. Food is a journey and at Aramaga, the local chefs transform this journey with the natural touch and passion they put into every meal that you get served.

About Kibale National Park and Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge

Kibale Forest National Park is a vibrant place for chimpanzee trekking and chimpanzee habituation experiences. You can also enjoy guided nature walks to crater lakes, and an excursion to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary – a gem of flora and fauna.

The Park is a destination made for unforgettable experiences in Uganda, so you can book your stay at Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge for the most picturesque experience. It is a beautiful place to spend your pre and post-safari to and around Kibale Forest National Park.

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