Budget friendly gorilla trekking tours in Uganda

Budget friendly gorilla trekking tours in Uganda

When it comes to budget gorilla trekking, Uganda and Congo are the places to go since gorilla permits are less expensive than in Rwanda. A gorilla trip in Uganda is expensive since the gorilla permit costs USD700 all year, with a reduction for international East African residents and East African nationals. With this in mind, when you book short gorilla trekking packages in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo with All in Africa Safaris, we provide affordable gorilla excursions to accommodate traveller’s budgets.

You may choose from 2 Days Bwindi gorilla trekking from Kigali to 3 Days Bwindi gorilla trekking safari forest or Mgahinga National Park for the best pricing gorilla tours. We provide all of the following trips at a significant discount, departing from Kigali and returning to the airport.

Planning a gorilla trek in Africa is a costly activity, which travellers may save money on by taking advantage of numerous deals at the several gorilla national parks in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. If you are seeking the cheapest gorilla trekking permit, Congo is the lowest option, followed by Uganda, and Rwanda is the most costly one. When considering which nation to visit for gorilla trekking, you may have a few questions in the back of your mind.

Is gorilla trekking in Rwanda superior to that in Uganda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

No, it does not. The gorillas all appear to be the same. They are all mountain gorillas living in several gorilla groups of diverse size and composition. Each gorilla destination provides a guaranteed bargain to view mountain gorillas and gorilla permit prices are solely decided by the governments of the individual nations. Each country has established a method to conserve their mountain gorillas, including investments in research and habitat expansion.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking on a Budget

The Uganda gorilla permit costs $700 for foreign travellers, with no low-season reductions. Gorilla permits in Uganda are offered at a discount of $600 for international residents and $70 for East African citizens.

Is it cheaper to obtain your gorilla permit yourself or via a tour operator?

It is best to get your gorilla permit from a local tour operator, whether you are booking a whole package or just your gorilla permits. It is difficult to obtain a response from the Uganda Wildlife Authority by email since they receive a large number of email queries and sometimes take time to respond. A trustworthy local tour operator will be able to receive your email, respond quickly, book your gorilla permits as requested, and issue you a receipt for all money transactions. Send us an email if you want to book a gorilla permit in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Congo Gorilla Trekking on a Budget

The Congo gorilla permit costs $400, making it the lowest gorilla trekking option among the two other options. In the low seasons of April-May and November, Virunga National Park provides low-season gorilla permits for $250, ensuring an inexpensive gorilla trek in Congo.

Is it cheaper to go gorilla trekking in Congo than in Uganda?

My answer to being a host is no! Aside from the $450 gorilla permit fee, you must also pay an additional $100 for the Congo visa. The cost of the arrival visa in Rwanda and the return visa back to Rwanda is not included in the price of the Uganda gorilla permit.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking on a Budget

Rwanda gorilla licences cost $1500, which is the most costly permit, but for a good cause: gorilla conservation and community development in Rwanda. During the off-season, travellers may usually take advantage of certain savings on gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

All travellers visiting Rwanda who are attending a conference and are interested in gorilla trekking receive a 15% discount on the Rwanda gorilla permit and can purchase the permit for $1275 with supporting proof from the conference. They also provide discounts to African foreign residents and African residents, as well as Uganda budget gorilla trips.

In the low seasons of November to May, the Rwanda Development Board also gives a 30% discount at $1050 for tourists who stay longer in the country and visit other national parks such as Akagera National Park or Nyungwe Forest, among others. All you need are receipts for hotel and park admission fees from the various areas where you will be staying in Rwanda.

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