Safari Activities to do in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is home to over 8,000 large mammals and a diverse range of flora and fauna of different unique wildlife species, for example, the big five exciting animals, including elephants, buffaloes, lions, rhinos, leopards and other mammal species like zebras, giraffes, warthogs, impalas, bushbucks’ other lions, hyenas, and several antelopes like bushbucks, roan antelope, Topes, klipspringer, Oribis, Cape eland, waterbuck, duikers, and impalas.

The national park also has a variety of primate species, including olive baboons, vervet monkeys, and nocturnal bush babies. The shallow waters of Lake Ihema are home to a huge number of crocodiles and hippos, which are best seen during boat cruises.

The park was founded in 1934 and is now regarded as one of the most exciting safari sites in the country, offering guests a variety of thrilling safari activities.

Akagera National Park is definitely a gem of Rwanda and a must-see site for anybody wanting an outstanding African safari experience. Some of the safari activities that may be carried out in the national park are listed below:

Safari activities at Akagera National Park.

The national park has a lot to offer to all those who go into its grounds and experience the best safari activities in the Republic of Rwanda, which are listed below.

Tracking the Big Five.

The national park is recognized as Rwanda’s best safari location for big five safaris since it is home to all of these spectacular creatures. Visitors have a thrilling opportunity to see these animals as they move around the national park, which include lions, leopards, elephants, black rhinos, buffalos, klipspringers, impalas, duckers, topis, Angolan giraffes, Maasai giraffes, guereza, aarduark, African wild dog, and others.

Boat safaris

Boat cruise safaris are another exciting safari activity that many visitors would love to participate in as they learn more about the national park, and this adventure is typically carried out after or before other less exciting park activities such as game drives, birding, or any other.

Boat safaris are offered on Lake Ihema, one of the park’s calm waterways. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes while observing an array of aquatic wildlife such as hippos basking in the shallows, crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks, and bird species flying along the water’s edge.

Night drives

Night drives within the national park allow visitors to observe a variety of nocturnals, such as wide-eyed bush infants, serval cats, civets, and leopards. These night drives are generally led by well-trained safari guides who take visitors into the national park for two to three hours. After sunset, a night drive through Akagera National Park provides breathtaking views of the wilderness’s hidden world.

Guided nature walks

Safari Activities to do in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is also an exciting place to enjoy nature walking with the support of well-trained safari rangers. Sightseers may walk around the national park’s numerous routes while admiring the park’s hidden riches like as butterflies, insects, and plants, as well as the lovely hills and listening to the pleasant sounds of bird species, among other things.

Cultural encounters

While visiting Akagera National Park, visitors may participate in cultural exchanges, which are often held near the park, and obtain a profound understanding of their traditional ways of life, customs, and traditions.

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