congo nile trail

congo nile trail

Rwanda’s Congo-Nile Trail is more than just an adventure! The Congo Nile Trail, which spans 227 kilometers (141 miles), is a magnificent low-impact approach to experiencing the plantations and traditional village life surrounding Lake Kivu in western Rwanda.

This adaptable route is smartly divided into segments. You may walk, cycle, or kayak the entire path, which traverses rivers, beaches, waterfalls, rice fields, farms, and communities. Another alternative is to ride one stage and then walk another. Choose the phases that appeal to you the most or are most relevant to your specific schedule.

Facts About Rwanda’s Congo-Nile Trail

The Congo-Nile Path is Rwanda’s longest single path.
It is divided into 10 daily stages, the lengths of which range from 11 to 61 km, with the majority being around 30 kilometers.
Each stage has its own distinct traits.
The trail’s top elevation is 2,630 meters.

Much more than an adventure activity.

The walk winds past tea, coffee, and banana plantations, bustling local markets, and fishing towns where your guides will teach you about local customs.

Each section of the route provides a unique opportunity to explore: beekeeping, traditional healing, music, night fishing, traditional ceramics, coffee and tea experiences, or sorghum beer-making.

Those interested in history might pay a visit to Richard Kandt House, located south of the lake. Kandt, a German adventurer, was Rwanda’s first colonial governor.

The route is ideal for peaceful birding and boat cruises to islands, not to mention the limitless vistas of the lake itself.

How to Get There

The majority of trail tourists begin their journey along the Congo Nile Trail at Rubavu (formerly known as Gisenyi), a picturesque town on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Well-known tourist locations that may be reached before or after the walk include Nyungwe Forest National Park to the southwest and Mukura Forest (part of Gishwati-Mukura, Rwanda’s newest national park) to the northeast of Lake Kivu.

How many days does it take?

Serious hikers should plan on spending ten days on the Congo Nile Trail, while most people just stay for one or two days.

For bikers, eight days is the best time to immerse themselves in Kinyarwanda culture (but dedicated riders may complete the path in five days).

How may the Congo-Nile Trail be combined with other destinations in Rwanda?

The Congo-Nile Trail receives few visitors, ensuring that it remains a unique experience. The path through the villages gives an ideal chance for true community encounters.

This is not only an exciting trip in and of itself, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs after a few days in a safari truck.

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