About Kilimanjaro Mountain

Kilimanjaro mountain is the only standing and remaining world icon covering the most landscape than any other mountain on the African continent. Mountain Kilimanjaro is located in northern Tanzania close to the state border with Kenya. Mountain Kilimanjaro features the highest peak in Africa covering 5895 meters above sea level and this makes it the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. Hiking Kilimanjaro will enable you to hike this world mountain through the clearly designed hiking trails/routes that are established. The Kilimanjaro Mountains are enshrined within Kilimanjaro national park which covers 100 kilometers long with 65 kilometers wide.

The Thrilled 8 Day Great Hiking of Kilimanjaro Mountain will allow you to explore the three volcano cones of the Kilimanjaro Mountain including the Shira, Mawezi, and Kibo volcanoes where the Uhuru summit stances. Kibo is dormant however, it is not extinct and it received its last eruption about 360000 million years ago. It is believed that the current eruption happened about 200 years ago and it formed the currently visible ash situated on the Uhuru peak.

Hiking of Kilimanjaro Mountain

A Thrilled 8 Day Great Hiking Of Kilimanjaro Mountain will reacquire you to choose the routes to use to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain.  You will need to follow the Machame route which is preferred for this adventure safari this takes 7 good days as it offers stunning views and you can easily be acclimatized. The Lemosho is smaller than the Machame route but this provides an extra day of camping at Shira Plateau. One can as well decide to use the Rongai route which is mostly used by tourists during the dry season, the longest route is the northern circuit route, and here it will take you nine days to reach the peak of the mountain

Best time to visit

Our 8-Day Great Hiking tour is organized and available throughout the year however, it’s good that we organize 8 this great Hiking Of Kilimanjaro Mountain during the drier months of June to October and December to March when temperatures are about 22 degrees. The rainy season is not good for climbing and it usually happens in April May and November but the weather changes all the time.

Hiking the mountain Kilimanjaro is a lifetime experience for any traveler and thus at All in Africa, we have come up with an 8-Day Great Hiking Of Kilimanjaro Mountain for you to explore the true adventure of the mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

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