Planning a Luxury East African Safari

Before we get into the specifics of how much a luxury East African safari costs, have a look at what is included in your luxury safari.

What Does a Safari Package Include?

A safari package would often include hotel or lodge accommodations, private group transportation, activities expressly listed on the trip schedule (unless indicated as optional), meals, and the attention of an English-speaking driver-guide. The cost of national park fees and permits is also included.

What is not included in a Safari package?

Knowing what is not included in a Uganda safari package is almost certainly more essential than knowing what is. This is especially true when attempting to assess the cost of a luxury East African safari. Any activity listed as optional on the schedule must be paid for, usually after you arrive in the country. Flight tickets will be your most expensive extra expenditure. Prices are usually more appealing the further out from the departure date you are.

Flight tickets should be obtained as soon as possible after booking your trip to guarantee that you arrive on time. You are responsible for organizing your own travel and medical insurance, in addition to your airline fees. Other factors to consider are alcoholic beverages, which are typically not included in packages, as well as tips and gratuities for your driver-guide and other team members. The current rate is $10–15 per person per day.

Why do safari package prices differ?

Safari packages can be priced widely for a variety of reasons. When calculating the cost of a luxury East African safari, consider the following factors: One factor to consider is the location. Uganda gorilla permits, for example, are twice as expensive in Rwanda as they are in Uganda, making Uganda safaris the preferred choice for those who want to visit these gorgeous creatures.

Similarly, the seasons in Africa influence how much you will pay. As you might think, the most popular seasons to visit are during the summer, when costs are higher due to increased demand. You could want to visit during a shoulder season, when wildlife watching is still excellent but lodging and other expenditures are reduced. To make the bundle more appealing, we maintain our pricing as low as possible for our consumers.

What is the cost of a luxury East African safari?

Determining the cost of a luxury East African vacation does not have to be difficult. There is information on what is and is not included in the normal safari package, as well as a general cost reference, so you can pick the ideal luxury East African safari without anxiety.

It is quite conceivable to go on an East African safari for a small fee each day, less than the cost of a hotel room in London or New York. However, you will have to forego any notion of luxury and contemplate staying outside of national parks, as well as pay more park fees, permits, and other extra costs. East African budget safaris quickly become a bit of a waste of money.

Although there is no maximum limit to the cost of a luxury African safari, it would not be difficult to organize a one-of-a-kind personalized experience. A premium African safari with a competent driver-guide, high-end lodging, comfortable transportation, and meal plans, on the other hand, starts at around $750 per person per day. For this price, you receive everything we mentioned before, which is still a good deal from our perspective! You not only get to experience the grandeur of an East African safari, but you also get to unwind from the strains of everyday life and spend quality time with those you care about.

What to look forward to on a luxury East African safari

A luxury African safari will provide the same degree of comfort and service as any other luxury hotel or resort around the globe. You may end up living in a customised lodge on a private concession within a national park with only a few rooms. Alternatively, you may wind yourself up in a movable tented camp, where everything is prepared for your arrival in a new place each day as you soak in the atmosphere and fauna of the plains.

A luxury East African safari will also provide the opportunity for experienced staff members to provide 24-hour service, as well as the competence that only comes with years of experience and dedication to a certain task.

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