Rushaga gorilla habituation safari from Kigali

Rushaga gorilla habituation safari from Kigali: gorilla habituation permit at $1500. We help you book the permits for your life-time experience in Africa.

Rushaga gorilla habitat safari from Kigali: The Rushaga region is located within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and is one of the four gorilla trekking areas. Rushaga is the only area that offers gorilla habituation experiences, and visitors may see a semi-habituated gorilla family called Bikingi, which has ten members and one infant. The semi-habituated gorillas might occasionally hide or behave abnormally; thus, the procedure may be halted based on the guide’s advice.

With the help of the researchers and ranger guides, you begin your gorilla habituation experience, and the four hours begin when you encounter fresh gorilla trails such as broken tree branches, droppings, and footsteps. This is because it is a process that demonstrates how mountain gorillas are habituated, so you are going through the process.

Rushaga Gorilla Safaris

We always suggest our customers stay the day before the experience at a location near to the Rushaga region in south Bwindi, as the gorilla habituation experience begins very early in the morning. And you join other visitors, researchers, and rangers to begin your gorilla habituation journey. You will be let into the jungle to look for mountain gorillas that are still habituated. The reason you are visiting semi-habituated gorillas is because it is an experience, and you must appreciate the process of acclimating mountain gorillas to human presence.

The four hours begin to count when you meet the fresh trails of mountain gorillas As they move, they break tree branches, make some noise, and leave. The researchers start to give you an informative talk with all the explanations as you count the hours, for your information, unlike normal trekking, where you start counting the one hour after meeting the mountain gorillas.

Why You Should Book Rushaga Gorilla Habituation Safaris from Kigali

Rushaga sector is easily accessible from Kigali, and it is the shortest distance, with approximately 4-5 drive hours. You can easily land in Kigali and transfer to Rushaga sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for your gorilla habituation experience, as opposed to taking a long road drive from Kampala/Entebbe, which takes approximately 8–9 hours. So, for those people who do not want to drive great distances, you may land in Kigali and spend four hours with the gorillas.

Rushaga gorilla habitat safari from Kigali allows you to experience two countries at once, as you enjoy city tours in Kigali and mountain gorillas in Uganda. Alternatively, you can enjoy normal trekking in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda before crossing over to Uganda for the habituation experience.Rwanda does not offer gorilla habituation experience, but the cost of a normal one-hour gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is $1500 per person per trek, but in Uganda, at the same cost, you get four hours of experience with gorilla habituation experience, so it is always better to have value for money and have what is worth your payment, which means that Uganda is pocket friendly, and it is now possible to land in Kigali-Rwanda and then trek mountain gorillas in

We exclusively provide all-inclusive gorilla accommodation packages that include permits, transportation, lodging and meals, and guide services. We employ 4×4 safari vans for budget safaris and 4×4 land cruisers for mid-range and luxury safaris, depending on the client’s preferences.

Booking your Rushaga gorilla habitat safari from Kigali with All In Africa Safaris makes it easy and simple for tourists visiting Uganda and Rwanda. All you need to do is send us the dates, month, and year when you would like to do the gorilla habituation experience, and we will go ahead and check for availability of the habituation permits and all the services. Once we have availability, we will send you an invoice to make full payment for the habituation permits, and then


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