The canopy walks in Rwanda give you a new perspective on this remarkable destination. Within Rwanda’s Nyungwe forests lies a canopy bridge one can enjoy. So, for your next safari in Rwanda, head to Nyungwe National Park and be a part of this life-changing excursion.

Nyungwe rainforest plunges from the slopes into impenetrable valleys, while a ridge running through the reserve creates a watershed between the Nile and Congo rivers. It is said that raindrops falling on either side of the ridge will reach the ocean 5,000 km apart. The forest is a sanctuary to 13 primate species, including the endemic L’Hoest’s monkey, 300 birds and 75 mammal species, and more than 1,000 types of plants, including 140 different orchids.

The famous canopy walkway experience in Rwanda is the only one of its kind in East Africa. This breathtaking construction hangs 60 meters above the forest floor between giant trees and towers, revealing stunning aerial views of this wonderful forest, both below and above. It is therefore an iconic magical experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Guests are required to secure a canopy walk permit far in advance to confirm participation. We recommend comfortable outdoor clothing, covered footwear, and sun protection. The walk can be done in the morning during the 08:00 am and 10:00 am morning sessions or the 01:00 pm and 15:00 pm afternoon sessions.

More attractions to encounter on the canopy walk in Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest is such a magical forest that render visitors a chance to encounter and come face to face with chimpanzees. So, you can plan to go for an early chimpanzee tracking experience in the forest to look for the closest friends to mankind. The forest ranger will guide you through the various forest trails.

Chimpanzee tracking activity takes roughly 3 to 5 hours before returning to your lodge.

Experience the naturally beautiful countryside of Rwanda with a unique opportunity to observe the remarkable mountain gorilla in the Virunga ranges. We have curated and most inspirational safaris for you to experience, in the finest ways possible.

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